We're building but this one has been getting dusty...

Not sure how you found this site, perhaps you met the principal Alvin Mites, or perhaps you stumbled across one of the links back to this site strewn across the web.

What you will find here is rather outdated, the company is still run by Alvin Mites the size of the team fluctuates, generally in the 3-7 range, we build mostly custom web projects using Django and Wordpress.

If you are looking to get your company online fast and cheap, you may do well working with Google Sites or Weebly.

If you have reptitive processes completed numerous times a day, want to build something awesome, or think your online sales funnel is broken (ie: not producing results) then drop me a line.

My cell phone number is 386-490-2845 and email address is alvin@mitesdesign.com (google apps based so I don't worry about spam to much). My preference is an email to schedule a time to chat, with any intial questions you might have.

Hope you're enjoying an awesome day,
Alvin Mites
Alvin Mites
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P.S. Also offer carbon negative (Thank you Carbon Fund) cloud based hosting backed by Amazon leveraging custom software to scale from a single shared server to multiple servers for your site in minutes.
ie: you have a page go viral and see a few million visitors all of a sudden when you were averaging under 1,000 per day. We're ready for that *grin*.

Use Your Website to:
  1. Publicize your business, service or products to millions of potential customers. Having a web site can increase your sales.

  2. Post your latest news or prices much easier and cheaper than print based media. A web site can save you a lot of money in communication and administration costs.

  3. Link your with other advertising campaigns therefore creating brand awareness.

  4. Your business can advertise and publicize on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

  5. Your business now has an extra outlet for taking orders.

  6. Easier and cheaper to change / update, than conventional print based media. With a Content Management System package you can update any section of your web site, when ever you want as often as you want.

  7. Make it easier for customers to do business with you. These customers can be global or local.

  8. You can compete with other companies in your market area.

  9. Place your web site address on your business card to enhance your image.

  10. Network with other companies and build better business relationships, locally and around the world.